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Dear Friends in Ministry

I am back from my long 3-week vacation. I feel rested and re-energized. I visited my mom in Korea. She is 87 years old and healthy. She lives with my two brothers and a sister-in-law who is the best cook in the world. Everybody was doing well. We visited our father’s burial site and our home-church together. My mom was very happy to spend time with me. She gave me hand knitted hats, gloves and scarves as gifts for my family members. She makes several boxes of kid’s hats and gloves throughout the year and sends them to churches in the countryside to help poor children. What loving gifts they were to me! I wanted her to visit me sometime. But she said she can’t stand 13 hours of air travel any more. And she said to me to visit her once every two years. I led one last family worship time for all my loved ones and shared God’s blessings with them.

After I came back home, my husband and I had a chance to visit Canaan Korean UMC in Marina, Monterey Bay, which I served for six years right before I came to Brentwood. It was our first time visit to that church after we left it four years ago. The church had gone through some difficult times for the last four years. But I could feel that the Spirit was still vitally working in the congregation during their Worship Service celebrating their 26th Church Anniversary. Their prayers were powerful and lots of music and dances were uplifting and beautiful. I was particularly impressed by the presence of the couple who were singing in the choir, because they were non-church-goers when I first met them. I met them at the market place in Salinas. We had lots of conversation every two or three weeks at their market. Right before I left the church, the wife started coming to church. The husband came to church after I left. They got baptized by the pastor after me. Ever since the day of baptism, they have served in choir and many other ministries. I was very happy to see them singing praises with joyful faces. I was reminded of the verse in 1Corinthians 3:6 “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

While I was in Korea, my two chickens started laying eggs. It was such a wonder for all of us. My husband and I named our four chickens biblically – Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Two out of four, Hope and Peace, started laying eggs on July 7th. Each makes one egg each day. After 20 days, Joy started laying an egg. Now we have three eggs every day. It is such a joy to see them growing. They bless us daily with wonders of creation and mysteries of life.

Life is always changing, growing and making fruits. Our church is also always changing, growing and making fruits. I am so grateful for our many new and old ministries. I hope and pray that all our church members and friends continue to benefit from our church ministries.

In Christ's love,

Your Pastor, Hyesung Lee

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