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The goal of the fundraiser calendar is to evenly distribute opportunities for giving, and to create an awareness of needs without making many feel as if this is a church that is only asking for handouts.This calendar will help make committees and ministry teams look ahead and plan strategies for their additional financial needs, as well as create a transparent way of being aware that other projects and needs for additional financial support exist.

The finance committee would like to encourage committees and ministry teams to create and develop ways of fundraising that do not always draw on the same pool of generous givers directly connected to BCUMC and give them an opportunity to work with local communities, creating an awareness in our area what BCUMC offers and is doing in our community. For example, the UMW group has partnered with Goodguys at their car shows. This gives the UMW an opportunity to speak with people of the community about their mission, and the activities that UMW do at the car show draws attention to a local event hosted by Goodguys. Another example was a carwash coordinated at and with Fresh Choice Grocers. The proceeds that the youth earned came from the community and the community is now aware that there is an active thriving choice of a youth group in Brentwood.

February 2020

The calendar will be put up on the BCUMC website. The calendar will show all months of the year including months into the next year. All regular contribution askings will be placed on the calendar to start. If a group or committee wants to request a date to either stand up during a Sunday worship service and appeal for a special cause or wants to plan a fundraiser at the church or identify a location, they will need to click on a tab that will lead them to a place marked “make a calendar request”. They will be instructed to answer questions and this request will be sent to Debra, Paul and the pastor. If the request is granted, it will show up on the calendar and if it is denied, an alternate date will be provided.

Some requests made for an appeal may be granted in the form of a bulletin announcement and/or insert. It may also be placed in the Ds and Os. It will still appear on the fundraiser calendar on the web-site.

Finance committee has offered a guideline of the number of requests per Sunday, week, and month.

  • There will be allowed 1 stand up request on Sunday per month.
  • There will be allowed 1 or 2 (depending on other church activities) Fellowship Time fundraisers per month.
  • There will be allowed unlimited in-the-community fundraisers. Please note that the announcement of these default to the allowed number of stand up requests on Sunday. However, an announcement can be written in the bulletin or an insert created for.
  • The allowance of on-site fundraisers on days other than Sunday will only be restricted by the schedule of facility users on the separate facility use calendar
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