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Brentwood Community

Welcome! Thanks for taking a look at our church website. We know that finding a spiritual community that meets your needs personally or as a family can be a challenging task. We affirm the questions you may have as you check out churches via websites or visits. We’ll try to answer a few here.

The Brentwood Community United Methodist Church (“BCUMC”) is the longest continuous Christian ministry in Brentwood – 150 years and going strong. We celebrate our past and rejoice in how the Holy Spirit is leading us forward into the 21st century. BCUMC is a reconciling congregation who welcomes people regardless of gender, race, class, age, ability, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. We value each one as a precious and unique child of God.

WE BELIEVE (1) GOD’S GRACE as a gift, freely given to ALL, forgiving/accepting ALL unconditionally, no matter what one has done or how weak or faulty one has been; (2) OPEN COMMUNION to all people who wish to have peace with God and with one another (baptism, denominational/church membership or any other criteria are not required); (3) ALL BAPTIZED AS MINISTERS and are given with the privilege and the responsibility to serve the work of God in their own abilities and capacities and (4) SPIRITUAL GROWTH IN THE HOLY SPIRIT is always with all disciples of Jesus Christ.

We encourage everyone to engage in the Discipleship  Making Process – Connect (Worship), Grow (Spiritual Formations) and Serve (Ministries).

Brentwood Community United Methodist Church
809 Second Street | Brentwood, CA 94513 | PH: 925-634-3093
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